One comment on “Random Thoughts & Rant

  1. Nice random thoughts…I don’t believe only the parents of our church need to re-engage but also the non-parents (although we are all spiritual parents in one way or another)
    I was sharing this thought with one of my friend the other day on how Jesus was always hanging out with the uncleaned as you called them here. His closest friends (the disciples) were a sweet collection of misfits of all kinds. My friend might not run to church next week and pray the sinner’s prayer but you know what he really enjoyed hearing that because as you said even non-believers have a sterile view of Jesus and I think hearing from Christian that Jesus might be human after all and capable of understanding us gave him food for thought.
    I always feel like there is this barrier between my churched friends and my non-churched friends. I am always trying to see if I can break it somehow so that those two worlds can start colliding. I wish I had a huge house I could throw parties on weekends and invite them all. If you have any ideas share them! Having you as a Facebook friend is a start because who knows who will click on one of your posts and find something to think about…
    I think it’s sad that we rely on the church to feed us. Jesus said to go to Him for he is the living water and then we would not thirst or hunger anymore. How easy it is for us humans to forget the simplicity of following Jesus (my yoke is light). We always want to make it so complicated with works of all kinds and bible studies and conferences and small groups and and and! He just wants to sit down with us and have an honest conversation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to admit how complicated I can make following Christ for myself and for others. And when I complicate things He can’t lead me anywhere!
    Thanks again for your rant or whatever! I really appreciate it! God’s peace fill your heart, NIK

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