One comment on “Mirror…mirror on the wall?

  1. This is such a true statement I have been on both ends of this situation many times and sadly have not always seen it turn out the way God intended it too. It seems to me the fear of rejection or retaliation is what keeps us Christians from following God’s commands in this area. I have many times not shared with others what I felt God wanted me to cause of the way they react when other do.

    Too often Christians think they have “arrived” to a state of Godliness and instead of taking correction they turn it around to what everyone else is doing wrong instead.

    I have an understanding with my friends that we know when we speak it’s always out of love, the words may come out wrong but the heart behind it is always for good and our benefit. When you set the foundation of trust and love in a relationship it’s much easier to take it as it comes.

    Thanks once again for sharing and being open about your own life we need more real conversations like this in our meeting with friends.

    Be blessed this week in whatever God brings your way! 🙂

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