2 comments on “The Growth of Mobile…How will it effect the Church? or will it?

  1. Grover,

    Have you thought about experimenting with using twitter to field questions from kids (a la Mark Driscoll)? I myself have wondered if there are creative ways to use this medium for engagement rather than disengagement . . .

    It’s tough to know when to leverage technological/cultural shifts, and when to resist.

  2. I think its amazing how far we have come in our technology and yes it is a great tool to spread the Word of God quick and easily. Although it has become some sort of a hinderance. I notice in public settings people are more likely to “socialize” with their phones rather than the person(people) they are with. Plus I have heard it said that people are becoming more concerned about keeping in touch with the people far from them, that they aren’t staying connected to the ones right in front of them. I believe as long as we keep a balance to this all the mobile world can work for us rather than us work for it!

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