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  2. I think we’ve got to be careful when we reference the cancellation of programming as the cancellation of church. Your definition clearly defines that church isn’t a program, it’s a community of faith…a relational gathering point for people. When the program is unable to function for whatever reason (weather, staffing, etc.), the church still continues. I think there is value is gathering regularly in a larger group for the purpose of celebration, collaborative learning & relationship. I’m not advocating that we risk our lives (per say) to do so, but I am also not naive to suggest that life isn’t at risk whenever the church gathers in other parts of our world. With whatever decision we make, I would suggest that our filter needs to be one of relationship and not of program.

  3. My experience to date with the grade 5/6 group is that it is a church in and of itself! This past weekend was not the first time that 5/6 was not running, when Promiseland and the rest of CSC was. As we pondered as a famiy how to handle the 5/6 being cancelled, we decided to have a creative solution that the whole family would be happy with. We had church at home as a family. We each picked a worship song for worship, and then spent some time listening to God for each other. It was fun for all of us, and our 5/6 daughter was especially touched by the Lord. I wouldn’t have traded that time for anything! So sorry you felt so stressed about the decision, Grover! I see in your blogs how much you love our children as you minister to them each week. Thank you for all you do, and for your pure heart. Many blessings!

    • Thanks for your heart felt reply ~ what a great opportunity you had as a family to worship together as a family. I also appreciate your affirmation – there is nothing more impactful than seeing students and their families engaging in God’s redemptive purposes.

  4. Funnily enough we never got the email before heading off to church Sunday morning as usual. Although it was cold the roads from our house to the church were fine. As we have 5 kids, 5/6 program is not the only thing we are at church for and 4 of our five kids serve in Promise Land. We were surprised when we arrived and found out there was no 5/6 program but hey, we go to church as a family, not to individual programs! Our grade sixer attended service with us and one brother while the others served and then he went to serve while the others attended second service. He (as well as ourselves) loved the sermon and was blessed by the teachings. He welcomed the opportunity to attend “big church” with us as he enjoys this as well so it was a welcome, unexpected blessing. Life doesn’t always unfold the way we may expect it too and God has taught us to roll with the punches and see where He may be meeting us that day!!

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