2 comments on “Why the Church MUST Re-engage the Family

  1. I was born into a dead-pseudo-intellectual-religion{Roman Catholicism} and a very dysfunctional family. Then I was born-again at 17 years of age in gr.11 into a ‘Church of Christ'{although it felt very non-denominational for the best part}. Looking back I remember someone saying “hey come check out my congregation/denomination” not very long after High School. I said cool, what is it ? They said Baptist. Immediately my mind went racing back to the memory of “The Blues Brothers” movie and the Baptist Joint in the movie with the Reverend James Brown and all the dancers and I thought, “Excellent ! I want to check that out without a doubt !”. After checking it out I thought to myself; ” Baptist ? Huh, more like baptized in pickle juice”. Jesus and my Bible did nothing but encourage me with DO, DO and more DOs{and Jesus danced and partied with the so called scum of the earth I’m sure AND I’ll lay a wager} and our Christian Church did not share my enthusiasm and were full of we do NOT do that and we do NOT go there and we don’t eat chocolate or drink intelligently or watch movies or have the occassional cigar or waltz in the moonlight or howl at the moon etc etc etc !! I said; let’s share my gospel inspired reggae and house music and jazz and blues and Holee Hipp Hopp, {ICor 9v22} and got very little support or flack. It was an uphill battle. I remember putting all my time and energy into a dance party and the only one who showed up was God and me. So God said bring it to them at the bars and so I did. I tell you, you will find Heaven on Earth where you least expect it.
    Sincerely Yours In Christ
    Antonio L.J. DuRocher

  2. Same thing goes for the family. Wisdom is vindicatd by her actions and I’m starting with my 3 yr old son and his friends our Homeboys/Homies. The kid at the skateboard park says, “you’re 40 and you’re out here playing with us ?!?! My dad’s 40 and sitting on the couch” ! I said Hale Lu Jah Lord, you an’ me are going to raise these kids !!

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