2 comments on “The POWERFUL PLUNGE….

  1. powerful? awe inspiring? emotional maybe. i’ll be honest – i fear things like these – and maybe cause you’re not given any picture of what discipleship is gonna look like for any of these people now. my hope is that someone will follow-up with them so they know and understand what just took place in their life. if not – not really sure if it’s all that powerful and awe inspiring. church does a great job of the getting us fired up and emotional about stuff that’s for sure. but we gotta do a better job of the God given task of life long discipleship. just some thoughts.

    • Fully agree – thanks for your insight….I wasn’t looking beyond this initial experience. North American church definitely has a ton of baptized pagans sitting in chairs not fully grasping the significance of their public profession. What’s Foothills process after a student is baptized? Plug into programs? Small group? one on one mentoring?

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