One comment on “The End of YouthEvents?

  1. Instead of quibbling about more events/less events, maybe we should have a conversation about the kind of event that will add something meaningful into the lives of our youth. And that doesn’t necessarily mean more Bible studies. For the record, I was surprised – and encouraged – to see youth events on the calendar during the summer.
    (Here’s a crazy question: Why does the church (small c) do all its youth ministries from September to June when youth are swamped with schoolwork, music lessons, sports, etc., and yet the 2 months of the year when they are free, available, bored, looking for connection/activity/interaction the church shuts down all youth ministries?)

    Free events with no other purpose than to hang out, even if it is inside the church? No. No. NO! Been there, done that. It did not end well…not then, not now.

    And do we really need a “greater” purpose for our youth? I think we are pushing our kids to greatness and purpose and ministry and adulthood when we should be pushing our kids to kindness and responsibility and empathy and respect. In many ways we are no different than the crazed hockey parent obsessed with raising the next Wayne Gretzky, only our goal is the next Billy Graham or Mother Theresa. And we, unlike the hockey parent, are not crazed because we’re doing it for the Lord and His kingdom and it’s all perfectly okay because it says so in the Bible…somewhere…I think.

    Oh, who am I kidding? We’re not interested in the next Billy Graham. We want the next Billy Gates. Or Mark Zuckerberg. Maybe Oprah Winfrey. We want it all! For our kids, I mean. And youth group keeps those future stars from having a past that will come back to haunt them…and us. It’s the tool we use to keep our child prodigies squeaky clean as we hoist them up the ladder of our own lost dreams and wishful thinkings.

    As for your comment about kids waiting patiently for parents to come home from work, you’re wrong. They stopped waiting a long time ago. I’ve spent the last few hours in shock, reeling, sickened over an incident involving two 9 year old children openly engaged in a coital act in a neighborhood play area at 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon. What career, what job, what pay cheque is worth that sacrifice? Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall waiting and waiting for you to come home from work, and finally Humpty got tired, fell asleep and had a great fall. And all of your horses and all of your men and all your power and influence and money and status will never put Humpty together again.

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