Consulting / Coaching / Speaking

With experience in para-church, small church, mid-size church & mega-church along with a variety of different ministry contexts –  there are very few things that feel like a perfect fit for my experience.

My  passion is to work with individuals/denominations and churches to help them assess and ideate in the area of youth and family ministry.

Some of the services I can provide for churches are:

  • assessement and evaluation of current youth ministry and/or youth ministry staff.
  • leading group discussions toward a more intentional approach to youth ministry.
  • meeting one-on-one with youth ministry staff or church leadership to dialogue about youth culture, youth ministry, and change.
  • providing ideas for change or re-tooling of the church youth and family ministries.
  • help with the process of hiring a youth worker.

My church consulting can be take the form of a short, intense visit, or a longer, ongoing relationship. The goal is to;

  • provide language to the vision, values and objectives for your church’s ministry to students.
  • deliver support via coaching to youth volunteers and parents while you search for a youth pastor.
  • work alongside your volunteer team to build a sustainable system that is Biblical and healthy.
  • assist you in your search for your next youth pastor.

2 comments on “Consulting / Coaching / Speaking

  1. Hey – I heard you today on Family Life and was so moved- felt like you were speaking exactly what I think about life and teens. We are a church plant in Hickory NC – my husband with other families planted 6 years ago. Our teen ministry has suffered and is small. We need help – can’t afford a youth pastor at this time. Would love to have you come consult with us, but again not sure we have the resources to make that happen. I guess I am asking you for direction to live out what you talked about today on FLT.

    • Thanks for your comments Becky…

      i know exactly where you are coming from – I’ve been there….feel free to give me a call anytime and we can figure something out. I’d love to help you guys out in any way I can 403.520.1245

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