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The North American church along with youth ministry is in a constant state of change. Many are consciously choosing to stay the course using old methods and forms to keep their flocks “happy”. Others are seeing that God is on the move…and they are striving to join God on His mission.

When it comes to the family and how it engages God purposes for this world – there are many facets and questions that need to be asked:

As I sit down with a wide variety of different families (ages/cultures/socio-economic status) I tend to dive into these three questions…

1. What’s going on in your family and your kid’s life right now that would help me and the youth leaders know how to best work with your student?

We’re here to partner with parents, but no partnership works very well if the partners are off doing different things without communicating with each other. It is imperative that we ask parents about what they see going in in their kid’s lives that would be helpful information for you and any other appropriate youth leaders to know.

What signs of spiritual growth do you and the parents see coming from their life? I love listening to parents share their stories!

2. How can the youth ministry support you and your family better?

It’s vital that parents are asked how they feel the youth ministry can best come alongside and continue to support them. That’s doesn’t mean we can bow to their every request — sometimes their expectations are unrealistic. The greatest results take place when we clearly communicate why their expectations can’t be met – but how they can play an important role in the process of spiritual formation.

3. How are YOU doing spiritually right now?

We all know that the spirituality of the parents is often reflected in their students, except their kids don’t try to hide it as much. That’s why the spiritual health of the students is often dependant on the spiritual health of their parents.

Kids reflect what they see modeled for them. I want to ensure that parents are growing spiritually and that it’s overflowing into their family, their children, their teenagers, and their marriages.

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